Kimberley Kampers started building “flip over” hard-floor camper trailers in 1996 in Ballina. They were initially sold at camping shows by the factory; adding Distributors in every state over time. By 2002, the Brand had become the established market leader in the “off road” camper trailer market with a reputation for ruggedness, high quality build and attention to detail in the canvas design. One of the unique market segments that Kimberley dominated was the use of a boat loader for an aluminium “tinnie”.


In 2003, the Engineering & Design department was upgraded with digital 3D design tools and professional design staff. This allowed Kimberley to develop an internationally patented folding off-road Karavan product with a monocoque Fibreglass canopy. Combined with the latest technology in vacuum toilets, diesel ceramic cooktops, and stainless steel heat exchangers for hot water, this product is way ahead of anything similar in the market. Separately, the factory was transformed to a lean Manufacturing process using Kanbans and Kaizen flow. Each year, Models were upgraded using a structured development process with improvements from customers, dealers & employees that is now standardised. Revenue grew four fold in 6 years.


After winning several awards in 2009 including the Telstra Medium Business Award & the AMP Innovation Award, the company looked for a new horizon. Getting to “out of the way places” generally involves driving long distances and/or staying in places with no permanent power. Vehicles are more compact & yet campers would like to take more gear! Kimberley already has a design principle of “small when travelling, BIG when camping” so it was a natural step to develop a wider range of products for “out of the way places” that are clean, lean & green. By Lean we mean “lightest weight”!